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 LittleBig Planet Review

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PostSubject: LittleBig Planet Review   Wed Nov 19, 2008 12:11 pm

LittleBig Planet is probably one of the most anticipated games to come to the PS3 so far! With Steven Fry leaving you a with a smile on your face after a very pleasing, simple, one-level tutorial/opening introduction into the game, you soon come to realise, that smile will stay with you right through the whole LittleBig experience! The world of LittleBig Planet has been created by dreams, dreams of people, animals, everything! As you swing, jump, grab and even blow your way through the 8 different areas in story mode you yourself begin to dream of the creations you can make in your own Moon, after all, the possibilities are almost endless!

LittleBig Planet is is a left-to-right side-scroller, your basic actions are jump, grab, and that's it (Apart from the darling expressions you can make your Sack Boy/Girl pull!). The simplistic controls allow you not to get bogged down with L1+Pad up+X+O is to perform you super massive ultimate move thingy, but allows you to focus more on the design and interesting environments. Be warned though, the environments are not as pretty as they seem, one false move and Sack boy fails, and "When Sackboy fails, its an EPIC FAIL". You guide your beloved Sackboy through 8 different environments such as The Gardens, The Wilderness, The Wedding, The Canyons, Metropolis and many more. Each environment contains around 10 levels. This story mode also serves as a way of collecting new materials and objects to help you build your own levels and creations to share with the world. These objects come into their own when you enter the LBP Level Creator. The immense amount of tools that are available to you allow you to create just about anything! The tutorials for each tool can be lengthy, but after watching each tutorial, yep you guessed it, you unlock even more things to play with! Its so easy to find yourself daydreaming about creations and new things you want to dry, but why dream when you have LBP to bring them to life! If that's not enough to keep you going for a while, there is always the mass of community levels constantly being created!

The community levels are just a few taps of the X button away. From the comfort of your Pod, you can view what community levels your friends are in, which ones they have hearted (<3) and which creators they love the work of. Obviously there are going to be a few "bad" creations out there, but the overall standard is quite impressive. You certainly get a proud feeling of completing a level of someone else's creation, and then being rewarded for it with another one of their creations! And then you team up with 2-4 Sack people, and the fun multiplies! Help each other reach those hard to get prizes, watch as they miss the jump and fail the level for you (but don't worry, just take them back to your pod, flick your analogue stick in their direction to give em' a slap) and create together!

Since acquiring LBP, I've never been able to put it down (apart from the pleads of certain TOE* members begging for a round on COD4), it has to be, dare I say, THE most creative game ever. I would really recommend this game to everyone! Even the FPS addicts.


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LittleBig Planet Review
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