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 Resistance 2

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PostSubject: Resistance 2   Wed Oct 29, 2008 10:36 am


Collector's Edition Includes:

* Exclusive 5 inch Chimera Hybrid action figure with Bullseye weapon.
* Double-sided, hardbound Resistance art book covering a war-torn America from two unique perspectives.

Bonus DVD includes

* Behind The Scenes video, “America Forever Lost”
* Shattered History: The Resistance timeline video
* Sneak peek at the upcoming Resistance novel, “Resistance: The Gathering Storm”
* Digital copy of the Issue #0 of the upcoming Resistance comic book series.
* Exclusive in-game HVAP Wraith multiplayer skin and more.

Insomniac has stated Resistance 2 takes 9-11 hours to complete the first time through. There are several difficulty levels, Casual, Normal, Hard.

After completing the game the first time, you will unlock Superhuman, the hardest difficulty level. In order to get all of the single-player trophies,
you'll have to complete the game on Superhuman, and total playtime should be around 20+ hours.

Insomniac focused on creating a completely separate co-op campaign and designing all of the gameplay around supporting up to 8-players online.
In many ways a bridge between the single-player and competitive games, co-op features three different classes, the Soldier, Spec Ops and Medic.

Each class has its own primary class weapon and abilities.

The soldier carries the Wraith, a chain gun that can deploy a force barrier to protect the group.
The soldier plays the roll of the tank, absorbing enemy first and dishing out damage.

The Spec Ops carries the Marksman and acts as the damage-dealer. The Spec Ops doesn't
carry grenades, instead, distributing ammo packs to the group to replenish its own ammo, as
well as the force barrier of the soldier and healing charges of the medic.

The Medic carries the Phoenix, a weapon that uses primary fire to absorb energy from the
Chimeran enemies. The secondary fire allows the medic to re-distribute that energy to the team.

Players in co-op level up, which allows them to purchase various upgrades for their class with the gray tech (loot) acquired in co-op games.

These upgrades include secondary weapons, new Berserks (special abilities you can charge up) and class-specific weapon and armor upgrades.

The story in co-op is modular, allowing players to experience the game together without worrying about their position in the storyline. Players just
trying to get through the levels will take about 15 hours, though seeing all of the mission briefings and collect all intel will take longer. To max out
all three characters will take between 180-225 hours

Resistance 2 ups the player count from Resistance: Fall of Man from 40 to 60. Insomniac 's mantra for Resistance 2 has been "bigger battles, greater intimacy."
This is most clear in Skirmish, Insomniac's signature mode for Resistance 2. Skirmish splits players into squads of 6 players each, and then delivers objectives
to those players like attacking node, defend node, protect VIP, assassinate VIP, reinforce squad, assemble and regroup. Each successful objective scores victory
points, and also scores experience points. This allows Insomniac to keep the squads spread across the map, and control the skirmishes within the greater
battle, while still allowing people to come together into massive battles from time to time.

In addition to Skirmish, Resistance 2 has its own Capture the Flag mode called Core Control, as well as Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.

Resistance 2 multiplayer is supported by dedicated servers, and will be continued to be supported by Insomniac through 2009 with patches and updates
(Resistance: Fall of Man received new game modes, maps, features and balance adjustments)


If the king does not lead, then how can he expect his subordinates to follow?
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PostSubject: Re: Resistance 2   Wed Oct 29, 2008 11:19 am

Standard US Army Grenade, blows stuff up

US Military grenade that dispersed jut fuel mist and after a cloud has formed, ignites it. Burns stuff up.

Chimeran spike grenade, large blast radius of spikes that shoot out from the core. Can still damage people at great distance if it lines up
just perfectly. Impales Stuff.

Created from Chimeran technology by SRPA. Tendrils wrap around the environment before lighting on fire. Burns stuff hiding behind cover.

SRPA weapon that shoots first .44 rounds into enemies or the environment. Secondary fire detonates the rounds lodged in enemies or the
environment, allowing for the creation of traps.

SRPA Battle rifle created from Chimeran technology. Mid-range battle rifle that fires in three shot bursts. Secondary fire shoots an
electrostatic orb that automatically targets nearby enemies with an electrical attack.

SRPA weapon that fires at a blistering rate. Secondary fire deploys a force barrier to protect carrier.

Standard Chimeran rifle. Primary fire shoots slugs rapidly. Secondary fire shoots a tag that will then allow all subsequent shots to lock
in on that enemy. The environment can also be tagged, allowing you to create a bullseye trap with a swarm of bullets.

Co-op Medic only, the Phoenix is a SRPA weapon made from Chimeran technology. The Phoenix drains energy from targets with primary
fire, and then can redistribute bursts of energy to heal allies.

Standard US Army weapon. Primary fire discharges one barrel. Secondary fire discharges both.

US Army Sniper Rifle. Primary fire kills things quickly. Secondary fire slows time, allowing you to line up those oh so glorious headshots
(slowing time doesn't work in MP).

SRPA Weapon from Chimeran Technology. Primary fire shoots magentized saw blades that richochet off the environment. Secondary
fire revs a saw blade until it is red-hot, allowing you to then lodge it in an enemy, where it will continue to spin and inflict damage.

Chimeran weapon that fires through walls, the weapons fire becomes more powerful when it travels through the wall. The secondary fire
deploys a shield the protects the user, while still allowing them to fire back at their adversary.

SRPA engineer semi-automatic grenade launcher. Grenades bounce around before detonating. Secondary fire allows user to fire a grenade
that releases gas and flames onto the ground, creating an environmental hazard.

US Army Standard Issue. The Carbine is an accurate machine gun. Secondary fire shoots a 40mm grenade.

This SRPA Rocket Launcher blows shit up. The secondary fire releases a storm of mini-rockets that spread out and destroy targets.

Chimeran enemy that is invisible until the last possible moment. The only way to pick them up is if you hear them coming. The shotgun is your ally
against this new Chimeran enemy.

More heavily armored than in Resistance: Fall of Man, the Titan returns, flipping cars, and using its rocket launcher to attack the player. Getting too
close is dangerous too.

The Ravager comprises one of the key elements of the Chimeran forces in single-player and co-op. They can generate a large shield to cover
themselves and enemies behind them, and in co-op create large shield walls.

The upgraded version of the spider-walker from Resistance: Fall of Man still packs a punch with rocket launchers and enough fire to keep
players pinned down.

One of the largest Chimeran enemies, these gigantic walkers destroy the Iceland base in the opening level of Resistance 2, and only weakness
is their cooling towers on the back.

The 300-foot tall monster roams the streets of Chicago and protects the Chicago node. This has made it difficult for the Sentinels to enter the
node. Hale must deal with it to reach the node.


If the king does not lead, then how can he expect his subordinates to follow?
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PostSubject: Re: Resistance 2   Wed Oct 29, 2008 11:24 am

9.5/10 IGN US

Approximate location of the Tunguska event, in Siberia.

Due to changes in historical events, the end of World War I leads to a prosperous European alliance and worldwide peace, preventing the Great Depression, the rise
of the Nazis in Germany, and World War II, but also leading to the rise of an isolationist Russian Empire, one that is still under Tsarist rule as Lenin's revolution was squashed.

However, a new menace arises from Siberia, with the epicenter corresponding to the time and location of the Tunguska event of 1908. In 1921, Russia initiated a
communications blackout with the rest of the world, and built a wall against its European border called the "Red Curtain". Word spreads of small towns, villages, and
eventually cities in Russia and Eastern Europe that are destroyed within a single night. A strange cold front also develops over Russia and spreads outwards. European
intelligence agencies attempt to listen in on Russian radio stations, only to hear a single message repeated over and over: "Brotherhood, Strength, and Fortitude...
in the face of the angry night."

In December 1949, the Red Curtain is suddenly breached by numerous Chimeran forces. The Chimera overrun continental Europe by February 1950, leaving
very few survivors. The Chimera then proceed to dig underneath the English Channel, invading Britain in late 1950. The bulk of the British forces are wiped out,
with the rest fleeing to scattered bases in the northern parts of England.


The Chimera are a species of unconfirmed origin, who serve as the main enemies in the game. They first appeared in Siberia shortly after the Tunguska event
in the game's alternate history. The human forces initially believe the Chimera to be the result of a biological experiment gone wrong, but through events and
revelations during the course of the game, along with the Chimeras' advanced technologies such as weather control, energy weapons, and force fields,
it becomes obvious to the humans that the Chimera are extraterrestrial in origin. The Chimeran army expands by infecting humans with a mutagenic virus that
causes its victims to fall into a coma, then slowly transform into Chimera while inside cocoons. Intelligence reports in the game speculate that more than one human
body is needed for the larger strains of Chimera. The Chimera build conversion centers across their territory to both speed up this process, and create new
breeds of Chimeran creatures. Large, jellyfish-like creatures, called Carriers, bring infected humans that have fallen into comas to these conversion centers.

The Chimera are much stronger than regular humans, and have between two and six yellow eyes. The Chimeran metabolism is said to be roughly twelve times
that of humans', which allows for extraordinary healing abilities, but it also causes their bodies to overheat quickly. For that reason, Chimeran soldiers have cooling
devices implanted into their backs. The Chimera thrive in very cold temperatures, which has led them to alter the Earth's climate through unknown means, reducing
temperatures to the point where London is frozen over in July. The Chimera are led by creatures called Angels (large, flying monsters with multiple limbs
emanating from their backs and extending toward the front around their heads) which possess a telepathic link to the Chimeran soldiers. Individual Chimera die
without this psychic link. It is said in several intelligence reports during the game that the Chimera will devour their own kind, usually their wounded or dead.


The Cloven have not appeared in the story campaign mode for Resistance: Fall of Man but are mentioned in discovered intelligence reports. However, they
are revealed as an unlockable skin in the multiplayer mode. They are bald, pale-skinned humanoids in foreign military uniforms. In intelligence reports and
on the official site, they are said to be maniacs who speak Russian, ritualistically mutilate themselves and their victims, and feed on the bodies of their own
dead soldiers. They appear to be enemies of both the Chimera and the British-American forces, due to their hostility towards both. Despite this, they seem
to be somehow connected to the Chimera, but in what way is unknown. In two of the intelligence reports found later on in the game it appears that the British
started hunting for groups of Cloven. Also in one of these two it makes reference to a possible leader that may control the Cloven.

Information from Resistance's Map Pack 1 on the Official Website reports on a possible alliance between the Chimera and the Cloven. The Cloven were spotted
ransacking Chimeran bases and encountering no resistance. It also reads in an intelligence report that the Cloven purposely lead the Chimera to York where the
American soldiers would be landing, indicating York was a trap from the beginning. The equipment being taken by the Cloven is different from what has been
seen in their possession so far. US forces speculate that the Cloven are stockpiling Chimeran technology to be used against Allied forces. An encounter with the
Cloven has shown that they now have weapons far stronger than anything witnessed from either side in combat. Whether the Cloven are in possession of
advanced Chimeran technology or simply modifying existing Chimeran technology is unknown.


The game starts in 1951, with the protagonist, Sgt. Nathan Hale, as part of the United States Army Rangers 5,000-man task force to help liberate Britain
and to retrieve a secret weapon that the British claim can be used against the Chimera. However, the force is quickly wiped out by a Chimeran spire attack,
which infects all of the soldiers with the Chimeran virus, soon after landing in York. Hale, the only survivor, appears to be infected with the virus despite not having
gone into a coma; he possesses increased metabolism and limited regeneration, and his irises have become gold/yellow, somewhat like the Chimera.
He now harnesses the power to use sym-bacs, the games version of health packs, to instantly regenerate up to a quarter of his health at a time.

Hale continues on his mission, along the way meeting with and rescuing Captain Rachel Parker while escaping from a Chimeran conversion center in Grimsby.
Parker assists Hale over the radio for the rest of his mission. Hale and the British forces eventually manage to deliver the secret weapon to one of the
Resistance's headquarters, only for it to be attacked by Chimeran forces shortly afterward. It is revealed that the "secret weapon" is actually an "Angel", a Chimeran
creature that British Intelligence was able to capture. The Angels are the most powerful form of Chimera creature, and British Intelligence theorizes that they
control the rest of the Chimera forces through some form of telepathy. The Angel attempts to enter into Hale's mind, but he manages to resist the mind-meld
and shoots the creature in the head with one long burst from his assault rifle.

Hale continues with the war effort, assisted by Lieutenant Stephen Cartwright, a British Royal Marines Commando. The two of them eventually discover
that the Chimera have established a series of metallic Towers throughout Britain, all inter-connected by a series of underground power conduits. Oddly, evidence
indicates that the Towers were excavated, not constructed, adding more mystery as to the origin of the Chimera. Hale enters the underground Chimeran tunnels
and discovers that the Chimera's main Tower in Britain is in London. Through his connection to the Chimera, Hale comes to the conclusion that destroying
the central Tower will somehow result in the total defeat of the Chimera in Britain.

The British and American forces launch one final, desperate attack against the main Tower in London. Hale manages to reach the top of the Tower and destroy
its central nuclear fission reactor, resulting in a massive explosion that demolishes the main Tower. The reaction propagates along the Chimera conduit network,
destroying all the Towers in Britain and killing all of the Angels inside. With the Angels dead, the remaining
Chimera forces quickly die off. Parker theorizes that they are simply unable to survive without the presence of the Angels. While Britain is liberated from the
Chimeran forces, the rest of Europe continues to be occupied by the Chimera.

As for Hale, he is presumed to have been killed in the explosion of the main Tower, and the Americans list him as Killed in Action. Parker is not convinced, though,
and believes that Hale may have managed to survive somehow. The game's final cutscene shows Hale indeed alive, walking through the rubble and snow,
armed with only a single grenade. Suddenly, he is captured by a squad of soldiers wearing unusual insignia, appearing to be some form of special forces,
known only as the Black-Ops, a name given to them in the multiplayer mode (their bodies are seen at various points towards the very end of the campaign
game, near the Central Core itself, and appear to be specially outfitted in airtight suits designed to resist or repel Chimeran spire attacks). Hale briefly contemplates
killing them as well as himself with the grenade, but ultimately decides against it. He drops the grenade and allows himself to be taken into custody by the soldiers.


If the king does not lead, then how can he expect his subordinates to follow?
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PostSubject: Re: Resistance 2   Wed Oct 29, 2008 11:29 am

The game begins from the ending of Resistance Fall of Man taking place just outside of London, England, with Hale walking through a snow
covered field, armed with only a single grenade, when a VTOL aircraft spots Hale and transports him to the Dan Aric Johnson Air Force Base
in Iceland. When the VTOL lands the U.S. Black Ops Soldiers attempt to subdue Hale. When Hale willingly gives in and goes with the soldiers
he is once again subdued, this time in the aircraft. Hale resists this time until one of the soldiers pulls out a pistol and is told to relax. Hale
arrives at the base and discovers that there are others like him that are resistant, or at least semi-resistant, to the Chimeran virus. These men,
called the Sentinels, have been collected here from around the world, by SRPA, to help protect one of the few safe remaining countries.
At some point the base comes under attack by the Chimeran Forces. On May 15, 1953, the Chimera launch a full scale invasion of the
United States, attacking with their huge aerial fleet of battleships, transports, and fighters on both the East and West coasts.

Lt. Nathan Hale - Survivor of Project Abraham. After destroying the London node in Resistance: Fall of Man, Hale is picked up by
SRPA Black Ops and taken to Iceland, but narrowly escapes the Chimeran attack. Two years later, Hale leads Sentinel Team Echo, and
is the last line of defense against the Chimeran fleet invasion

Major Richard Blake is the commanding officer players take order from in the single-player, co-op and competitive games. He directs
tactical operations for SRPA

Corporal Joseph Capelli - Survivor of Project Abraham. Carries the HVAP Wraith, and seems to have tension with Nathan Hale. First
person to be injected in the Resistance ARG.

Sergeant Benjamin Warner - Member of Sentinel Team Echo. Carries the Marksman.

Carries the shotgun. Member of Sentinel Team Echo.

Dr. Fyodor Malikov - In Charge of Project Abraham. Appears to be the scientist responsible for creating the Sentinels.

Project Abraham tells the story of Nathan Hale prior to Resistance: Fall of Man. Currently, the ARG is
continuing on AmericaFirstAmericaOnly.com with a game called Metastasis. The keys to this game are
being found in dead-drops across the United States in at GPS coordinates on the website.AmericaFirstAmericaOnly.com

***All credit goes to GAF user BruceLeeRoy.


If the king does not lead, then how can he expect his subordinates to follow?
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PostSubject: Re: Resistance 2   

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Resistance 2
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